Rotomoulds Manufacturers Exporters in India offer Rotomoulding Moulds and Vibroscreens.
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VEERKRUPA believes in ultimate customer satisfaction, so has been successful in exporting more than 10,000 rotomoulding moulds worldwide. We are into manufacturing Rotomoulding Moulds & Vibro Screens (sieve) since 1989. Through our continuous R & D, we have been successful in manufacturing high quality Stainless-steel, Mild-steel, and Aluminum & CNC machined rotomoulds because we believe that Achievement is connected with action


     How We Make Moulds?

Rotomould Slimline Tanks

Rotational molding, also known as rotomoulding, is a molding  process for creating many kinds of mostly hollow items, typically of plastic.

  • Rainwater Harvesting tank
  • Oil tank Mould 
  • Slim line Tank Mould
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2000 Liter Slim Line Tank   Slim Line Sweep Tank   2000 Liter Slim Line Tank
Moulds for Slim Line Tanks.
  Moulds for Slim Line Sweep Tanks.
  Moulds for Slim Line Tanks.
5000 Liter Slim Line   7500 Corrugated Tank   10 kl Slime Line Red Tank
Moulds for Slim Line Tanks.
  Moulds for Corrugated Tanks.
  Moulds for Slim Line Red Tanks.
 Rotomoulding Water Tanks Top Rotational Moulds Horizontal Tanks
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