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VEERKRUPA believes in ultimate customer satisfaction, so has been successful in exporting more than 10,000 rotomoulding moulds worldwide. We are into manufacturing Rotomoulding Moulds & Vibro Screens (sieve) since 1989. Through our continuous R & D, we have been successful in manufacturing high quality Stainless-steel, Mild-steel, and Aluminum & CNC machined rotomoulds because we believe that Achievement is connected with action



Pulverizer Machine


we are presenting our new innovation in pulverizer machine for good quality powder in Rotomoulding.
Rotosmith PLV 200 the Pulverizing Mill. A new design that can make powder with high output with low power consumption.

The new design mill do not required any blower suction or Pneumatic vacuum to convey Powder from mill to Cyclone. this helps to save extra power cost.

New Mill is specially made by Heavy duty steel and inside by Stainless steel for long life. it generates the vacuum pressure by using energy of rotating disk. And other one more advantage of this revolutionary idea is it also helps mill to be Air cooled.


This machine gives output of 180 to 220 kg/ hour.

Total power consumption of machine is  53.5 Hp (40 KW)

PLV 100
PLV 200

PLV 300

PLV 400
Main Motor : 50 Hp (37 KW)      
Air lock :  1 Hp (0.75 KW)      
Vibro    :  2 Hp (1.5 KW)      
Pump   :  1 Hp ( 0.75 KW)      
Disk     :   400 MM      
Panel   : with A/c drive and VFD automation      
Machine can pulverize many type of plastic like LLDPE, LDPE, ABS, PVC, EVA etc. with low energy consumption and high throughput.
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