Rotomoulds Manufacturers Exporters in India offer Rotomoulding Moulds and Vibroscreens.
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VEERKRUPA believes in ultimate customer satisfaction, so has been successful in exporting more than 10,000 rotomoulding moulds worldwide. We are into manufacturing Rotomoulding Moulds & Vibro Screens (sieve) since 1989. Through our continuous R & D, we have been successful in manufacturing high quality Stainless-steel, Mild-steel, and Aluminum & CNC machined rotomoulds because we believe that Achievement is connected with action

How We Make Moulds


How we Make Moulds

In Rotomoulding, Mould is Heart of this process. So Mould must be perfect to produce good quality product. To make perfect moulds we work with technology more than fabrication. Our mould making process is as under.
First our team design product for presentation and approval of customer. Our customer can view real-time 3D of product and can take decision for necessary changes if he wants. So there zero margin for error regarding Design, Dimension, Capacity, Weight of product. Designing Rotomoulding Moulds and Vibroscreens.
Development of Rotational Molding Moulds and Other Rotomoulding Products. After finalize design we develops sheet metal drawings for cutting and bending. With cad software we are able to get zero tolerance measurements of sheet cutting diagram. We have a unique method for Sheet-metal moulds. So we take maximum bending Operation in sheet bending process, able to give good radius for smooth powder flow inside mould during moulding process.
Laser Cutting
After all process of sheet-metal development. we cut all material with laser cutting. With this we get perfect sheet cutting. In this process material dose not lose its density so it will be stay straight which is good for mould’s walls. In laser cutting there is tolerance of 0.1 MM. Laser Cutting.
  Hydraulic Press Break
Hydraulic Press Break. With this machine we can form our sheets perfectly. We can give 10 MM to 50 MM radius in bends. Perfect degree, deep Ribs are possible with this process. Our mould’s matching is so perfect that we can give you 0.5 MM tolerance in 2500 MM length. And 0.01 MM in Flange’s matching.
Welding Process
We have world class welding machine to make good quality moulds. With this MIG & TIG welding machine we are able to weld X-ray Quality welding. Because of this welding, there are no pinholes, vents, holes in moulds inner side. We use Mig Machines for Mild-steel moulds and Tig welding machine for Stainless steel & Aluminum moulds. We weld moulds with penetration technique to give high strength in joints. So in future mould is crack resistance. Welding Process for Making Moulds.
  Finishing, Buffing
Finishing and Buffing Process for Manufacturing Moulds.

In this process all welded seams of mould are carefully finished by experts. Then buffing process starts. Mould’s inner surface polished until it shines like mirror. We can make mirror finish in Stainless-steel (Inox steel), M.S. In aluminum we can give semi mirror finish. Good buffing help to flow the powder smoothly in mould. As result of mirror buffing, product’s outside reflects with shine.

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